The Brazil Fortaleza East Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
October 2, 2013-2015

Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 3! October 22, 2013

Dear Family,
Oí com o CTM de Provo! I can hardly believe it's been three whole weeks since I've been here. TI feels like so much longer but at the same time, it seems like time is just flying by.
My district when I first got here was 11 elders strong, but now we're down to 7 because four of them got their visas and they shipped them off straight to Brazil! They are all in the São Paulo CTM right now and hopefully I'll join them soon if my visa comes through! If not, then I'll be reassigned to somewhere in the states, but I'll be happy serving anywhere. I'm just grateful to be a missionary!

So at this point in my MTC life, a typical day consists of waking up around 6, breakfast at 6:30, two 3 hour class periods per day at either 7-10, 12-3, or 6-9. I have two teachers, Irmãos Lemperle e Whitaker. They pretty much only speak Portuguese to us. That's how it's been from day 1, so needless to say, every once and a while we have communication issues. But they are awesome teachers and they want us to learn as much as possible. So we have about 6 hours of total class time per day, plus about 2 hours of personal language study, and then about another two hours of personal study. We eat lunch at 11, dinner at 4, and study in between, but we also have about an hour to exercise every day but Sunday.

We have a devotional every Sunday and Tuesday night. Sunday nights the speaker is usually someone that works high up in the MTC, and on Tuesday nights a general authority comes. Last week, Dallin H. Oakes, the Apostle spoke! The choir sings at the Tuesday devotionals and my whole district started going to choir practice, which is Sundays before the devotional and Tuesday before the devotional, and we started going to the Sunday before the Elder Oakes spoke, and we've been going ever since. Choir is a great way to relax!

My companion, Elder Chester, is the music coordinator for our zone, and he plays the piano in priesthood and sacrament meetings. We take some time almost every day for him to play a few hymns to practice, which I like because we don't have many opportunities for music.

Sorry i don't have anything interesting to report yet, the MTC is pretty much studying, class, eating, and meetings. In about a month I'll have some new stuff going on!
Com amor, 

Elder Poulson

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