The Brazil Fortaleza East Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
October 2, 2013-2015

Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 60

November 24, 2014

I am missing all of you a lot, especially seeing all the Christmas lights come out. 

Something that I have started doing is every night when I write in my journal, I go back to the day I wrote last year to read what happened.  A year ago, I was still in Los Angeles, but it is crazy how much I remember when I read what I wrote back then! It´s making me appreciate keeping a journal more. Sorry I didn't take any pictures this week either....I'll do better this week! 
I am completely over being sick, and I am doing well!

My week was ok...we did a lot of visits to our recent converts and less actives. We have been helping a lot of people to fill out their family history packets that we gave them when they got baptized.
We are having some problems with that one big family that we started teaching a few weeks ago....they said that they don´t have enough money for everyone to take the bus to church, so that makes things a little hard. We should be opening up a branch here in Eusebio soon, so it will be easier here for everyone to get to church. When that happens, we should also see a lot more baptisms!!

This Saturday there was an activity at the church where a whole bunch of members who offer services like dentists, doctores, cardiologists, hair dressers, things like that got together to offer their services for free that Saturday morning. So our whole zone went there to help out. We got a room where some missionaries stayed and where the visitors were directed after they had their services done, where the movie "the testaments" was playing. I stayed in the room with one of my Zone Leaders, Elder Kennedy, and we explained the Book of Mormon to people and answered questions about he church and the movie. It was a really cool experience!
I am running short on time because the internet house is about to close down for lunch. I love you and miss you! 

Have an awesome thanksgiving!!

Elder Poulson

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