The Brazil Fortaleza East Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
October 2, 2013-2015

Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 26

This Wednesday, I'll reach the 6 month mark on my mission! I have kind of mixed feelings about it...some days, I feel like "oh man, I only have a year and a half left on my mission!!!!" and other days, I feel like "oh man, I have a YEAR AND A HALF left on my mission..." but i really do love being here and serving! 
So this week, we had two baptisms, Talita and Larissa. They are cousins, and I think I talked a little about them last week, but they are super funny. I baptized Larissa, and Elder Oliveira baptized Talita. There weren't many people that came to the baptism, but it was still an awesome experience. So being in my second week as a trainer/senior, some of the stress is starting to catch up to me, and it all seemed to burst out on Sunday. We had about 6 people who said they would come to church bail, our ward mission leader offended an investigator in gospel principles class, and we had forgotten to prepare a few things for the baptism, and I was feeling like I was about to explode. But we finally got to the baptism. after I baptized Larissa, I could feel the Spirit in the room, and all my stress and frustration melted away. So that was a great way to end the week! 

My area is all around the soccer stadium here, Castelão. Yesterday, the two big teams that play here, Fortaleza, and Ceará played each other, and there is a huge rivalry between them. The game started at 4, and so the tailgating was at full swing by around 2, which is the time we had the baptism. It was kind of funny, because after the baptism finished, a whole bunch of fireworks went off! 
After the baptism, we walked past the stadium on the way home, which was probably a mistake....because missionaries are magnets for drunk people. we got out of there before it got too crazy, but 2 or 3 dudes stumbled over to us to shake our hands and jabber something about the game. Our district leader called us as we were getting to the house and told us to stay home the rest of the night because everyone would be partying after the game. So, we stayed home and planned and cleaned. 

I'm running short on time, but that was basically my week! As always, thank you for your thoughts and prayers!


Elder Poulson

Matthew 11:28
a tree growing in the middle of the street

Larissa's baptism

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